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Every question is different, and no answer is the same. This requires inventive lawyers who think practically and act purposefully. Being legally keen where necessary and connecting where possible. That is how we at Kneppelhout make the difference for our clients.


Our specialist areas


China has been our special focus for years. We help companies successfully do business in Asia, on a legal, linguistic and cultural level.

Corporate law

Support with legal structures, new forms of collaboration, buying or selling a company and the collaboration between directors, supervisory directors and shareholders.

Customs, sanctions and export control

We help companies fight customs claims and advise and litigate on the civil law aspects of your customs case.

Employment law

Working conditions, illness, dismissal, reorganisations and employee participation. Issues you want to have properly arranged, as an employer and as an employee.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other legal protection of innovative ideas, creations and inventions. Your challenges are our concern.

Property law and environmental law

Real estate involves major interests, many stakeholders and complex laws and regulations. We draw up the right contracts and assist you in legal proceedings.

Trade, industry and logistics

We provide legal assistance to companies that do business internationally and ensure that any transaction complies with export control and sanctions legislation.


Our customers


Employment law brochure

Working conditions, illness, dismissal, reorganisations and employee participation: wherever people work, employment law issues arise. Issues you want to have properly arranged, as an employer and as an employee.

This brochure:

  • explains which employment law issues you may be confronted with
  • explains how we can support you legally
  • presents practical stories and experiences

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