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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other legal protection of innovative ideas, creations and inventions. We understand better than anyone else that these rights are not only valuable, but can also be an engine for growth and competitive advantage.

Your challenges

In a creative business, you may face a wide range of IP law issues:

  • How do you protect your work, your brand, your trade name and your products?
  • How do you ensure proper (recording) agreements for the exploitation of your creative work, your brand and the distribution of your products?
  • How do you prevent unauthorised access to, use of or disclosure of trade secrets or confidential information that is essential to a business and whose disclosure could cause harm?

Whether it is registering a unique trademark, securing your inventions with patents or protecting your creative work by enforcing your copyrights: your Intellectual Property challenges are our concern. In a world where ideas are evolving rapidly, it is necessary to act proactively and assertively to safeguard your interests.

Our expertise

Our lawyers active in intellectual property law have extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • Trademark law
  • Trade name law
  • Design law
  • Copyright
  • Patent law

From drafting or advising on agreements, to assistance in disputes and proceedings or arbitration, we can answer all your questions about Intellectual Property.


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Intellectual Property team

Intellectual Property lawyers who think both from a business perspective and from the law book. That’s our trademark. Not simply listing the rules, but applying the law in the context of your company, so we can prevent and solve intellectual property issues together.

Multidisciplinary. We do this using a multidisciplinary approach: the team is tailored to your issue. And when extra support is needed, we work together with our fellow-lawyers in corporate law, employment law, property law and environment law, customs, sanctions and export control and trade, industry and logistics. That is the advantage of a full-service firm: we are as small as possible and as large as necessary.

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