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Corporate law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

Kneppelhout lawyers - Corporate Law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki
Support with various (international) legal issues, including acquisitions and exclusivity claims.
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Kneppelhout lawyers - Corporate law and employment law at DUPI Group
Advising on the sale or purchase of the company, including due diligence, takeover of personnel and shares, negotiating guarantees with regard to corporate liability.
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Kneppelhout lawyers - Corporate law at Fakton
Advice on the development of a new governance structure and participation model, drafting collaboration and shareholders’ agreements.
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Kneppelhout lawyers law firm woman's quota
On 28 September 2021, the Dutch Senate, following the Dutch House of Representatives, approved the proposed legislation to introduce a women’s quota for companies whose shares are listed on a Dutch regulated market (“listed companies”). The proposed legislation also introduces new regulations for large private limited liability companies (in dutch: “BV’s”) and large public limited...
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Security screening Kneppelhout lawyers law firm Rotterdam
1. Introduction Foreign direct investment screening regimes are already in force in the Netherlands in specific sectors, such as the telecom, electricity and gas sector. However, there is currently no general foreign direct investment screening regime in the Netherlands. Recently a proposal for a more general investment screening regime was submitted to the Dutch Parliament...
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