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Trade, industry and logistics


By land, sea and air: the world of international trade is constantly changing and the legal dynamics are high. Because how do you ensure your goods get to the right place at the right time? And what if you can’t? Carriers, forwarders, insurers, recipients: they all benefit from clear agreements and, in the event of a dispute, a good solution. And that’s something our lawyers can help out with.

Your challenges

As an entrepreneur, you are subject to a wide range of legal issues in the transport and logistics world. A selection of the issues that may arise in your organisation:

  • How to continue to comply with the continuously changing international laws and regulations
  • How to deal with damage to the cargo and can liability be limited?
  • How to ensure good cooperation between carriers, cargo stakeholders and other stakeholders in the logistics chain
  • What to do in the event of an imminent dispute and how to prevent it from escalating
  • And what if escalation cannot be prevented, or is necessary?

Whatever situation your company finds itself in, you want to know what your rights and obligations are. Also across national borders. For example, when the transport comes to a standstill due to an accident, bankruptcy of a customer or a conflict with your logistics partner(s). You can often resolve and even prevent a dispute, large or small, with the right advice.

Our expertise

Our trade, industry and logistics lawyers have a lot of knowledge and experience in the fields of:

From contract drafting or advice to assistance with disputes and proceedings or arbitration, we can answer all your questions about international trade, industry and transport.


Our customers


Trade, industry and logistics brochure

By land, sea and air: the world of international trade is constantly changing and the legal dynamics are high. Because how do you ensure your goods get to the right place at the right time? And what if you can’t?

This brochure:

  • explains which legal issues you may be confronted with
  • explains how we can support you legally
  • presents practical stories and experiences


    Kneppelhout lawyers - Corporate Law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

    Corporate law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

    Support with various (international) legal issues, including acquisitions and exclusivity claims ...
    Kneppelhout lawyers - Customs law at Van Uden Holding

    Customs law and trade, industry and logistics at Van Uden Holding

    Advising compliance policy and procedures with regard to the Know Your Customer principle, as well as mediation with the bank ...
    Kneppelhout lawyers - Trade, industry logistics C.H. Robinson

    Trade, industry and logistics at C.H. Robinson

    Handling transport damage: legal assistance with transport damage claims and disputes with carriers ...

    Trade, industry and logistics team

    Lawyers who think both from a business perspective and from the law book. That’s our trademark. Not simply listing the rules, but applying the law in the context of your company, so we can prevent and solve (international) legal issues together.

    Our approach is multidisciplinary: the team is tailored to your issue. Even when this requires specific knowledge of, for example, insurance or commercial law, or if you could use extra international support. Legal issues in trade, industry and logistics have common ground with customs, sanctions and export control, corporate law and sometimes with employment law, intellectual property and property law and environmental law. That is the advantage of a full-service firm: we are as small as possible and as large as necessary.

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      Marc Padberg

      “What customers truly appreciate is our pragmatic approach. We give shape to the code and make it usable for the customer. Also in the event of a dispute, when trade comes first, and the rest follows.”

      Marc Padberg
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