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Corporate law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

Kneppelhout lawyers - Corporate Law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

Corporate law and Trade, industry and logistics at Tsubaki

Support with various (international) legal issues, including acquisitions and exclusivity claims.

“Kneppelhout also has a reputation of being a renowned and valued collaboration partner among our colleagues in Japan. That is certainly a nice and justified credit to the Kneppelhout lawyers.” – Jean-Paul Frishert, Financial Director at Tsubakimoto Europe B.V.

After its foundation in 1917, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. developed into the world’s leading producer of top quality drive and conveyor chains and related drive components for a variety of industries, including the food and soft drinks industry. Tsubakimoto Europe B.V. serves customers in the European, African and Middle Eastern markets from its European headquarters in Dordrecht.

Jean-Paul: “I am also a lawyer, in addition to being a business economist. This allows us to usually resolve legal matters ourselves. But sometimes I simply don’t have time, or we find ourselves in need of some specific expertise. In such cases I like to involve the Kneppelhout law firm. Our international character means we definitely have a preference for working with an office which is completely familiar with various different cultures. Kneppelhout now also has a reputation of being a renowned and valued collaboration partner with our colleagues in Japan. That is certainly a nice and justified result of all the hard work conducted by the Kneppelhout lawyers.”

The challenge

“We were dealing with a claim and had to look for a law firm. Kneppelhout’s Rotterdam ‘roll up your sleeves and get on with it’ mentality suits us down to the ground.”

“We were faced with an international legal issue a few years ago. This was preceded by a lengthy process in connection with the termination of an exclusivity contract with a Southern European distributor. The party decided to involve a lawyer towards the end of the process and we were faced with a claim. This then created the need for us to look for a law firm which could assist us with this claim. It was important to us that this was a company with some stature, but also one which would fit within our budget. Kneppelhout most definitely stood out for us after some research and asking around. The excellent reviews from my network led to the assumption that Kneppelhout was the right match for our organisation and the issue at hand”, Jean-Paul says.

“The expertise in areas such as corporate law and contract law was of immense added value, as was the extensive experience with international conflicts and ‘feeling’ with different cultures. We entered into a collaboration with Kneppelhout and they managed to significantly exceed our expectations.”

The service

“The first project went very smoothly and we soon managed to develop a relationship of trust and a long-term collaboration.”

Jean-Paul: “A new project arose as a result of the exclusivity issue, an asset deal. This resulted in us establishing contact with, among others, Evert-Karel Ditvoorst. We were able to increasingly act faster as a result of this close collaboration and the strengthened connection. The lawyers also had the required in-house M&A knowledge and were therefore the ideal match. Another added benefit: the short and powerful communication.”

“We have since often worked together on similar projects after this successfully completed deal. But Kneppelhout will certainly also be the right partner for us with other legal issues, for example in the field of employment law and contract law. This means we are now familiar with an increasing number of different people at Kneppelhout. I therefore really appreciate the network drinks and lectures which are regularly organised. This allows me to brush up on my knowledge as a corporate lawyer and it’s also an excellent opportunity to become further acquainted with Kneppelhout’s employees and expertise.”

The collaboration

“Kneppelhout has been assisting us with sound advice for quite some time. They have already effectively managed a multitude of issues.”

“If someone were to ask ‘could you recommend a good law firm?’, then I would absolutely suggest Kneppelhout without a moment’s hesitation. I think our long-term collaboration says it all. This actually also perfectly fits in with our Japanese parent company’s expectations: a long-term commitment, with high quality, transparent communication and good pricing.”