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Joost Wery

Partner, Lawyer

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Meet Joost

Joost is a lawyer with extensive practical and litigation experience. He is a trusted partner for international (often German or Swiss) corporate clients operating or wishing to operate in the Netherlands. He is known for his creative, enthusiastic and solid approach to cases. He has broad experience in matters concerning international trade, logistics, insurance and intellectual property. Joost graduated in intellectual property law and completed the post-graduate Grotius specialist course in transport law. He also publishes regularly in professional journals.

Joost and Kneppelhout

Joost had been a lawyer at a Dutch-German firm since 2005 and became a partner there in 2016. After a few years, his firm merged into one of the 35 largest law firms in our country. With that entrepreneurial experience in his pocket, Joost found a new challenge in 2024 as partner Trade Industry and Logistics at Kneppelhout. Joost advises, drafts agreements, negotiates and litigates in the field of commercial law, for Dutch but also many international (DACH) clients. At Kneppelhout, Joost also leads the ‘Deutsche Praxis’ (German practice).

“I like to win on the basis of good arguments. I want to know how things are and like to provide clarity. The legal profession is a creative profession. As a lawyer, you decide what the case should be about. Just as in football the striker creates the chance and scores the goal that the referee awards, as a lawyer you find the decisive factual and legal grounds that convince the judge. Kneppelhout is the club with the best team to produce the best possible result with expertise, talent and tenacity.”

Joost personal

“I am also creative and positive in my private life. Privately, I seek the peace of nature on my bike and enjoy reading a good book. Furthermore, I like to be involved in politics. Recently, for instance, as a board member of the High-Speed Rail Netherlands foundation, I have been pushing for the realisation of a high-speed railway line to Germany.”

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