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Personal Information Protection Law of China: New Rules on Cross-Border Information Processors and Providers

Kneppelhout lawyers china practice - Personal Information Protection Law of China
With the continued integration of information and the economy, personal data protection, which is collected and used widely in China, has become a heated issue. Despite stronger personal data protection in China in recent years, some companies and individuals still collect, access, use and trade personal data illegally for business purposes, which, in fact, has...
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China netherlands Asia Kneppelhout law firm lawyers Rotterdam
On 14 October 2021, after nearly two years of the pandemic and Covid-19 restrictive measures, Kneppelhout Legal Seminar Series has been back on track, with the first try being held by the China Practice at our office located in Rotterdam. Life After Lockdown With the topic of Life After Lockdown, the seminar addressed some up-to-date...
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face masks covid-19 china practice asia kneppelhout lawyers law firm rotterdam
The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to an increasing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), in particular, face masks. China, as the top PPE supplier, has received a vast amount of international orders of face masks. This has resulted in a rising number of disputes. Recently, we have been requested by a couple of clients...
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E-commerce EDI Asia China Practice Kneppelhout lawyers law firm rotterdam
The E-commerce industry in China has seen an astonishing growth in the last decade. The growing demands of Chinese consumers have attracted a rising number of E-commerce companies who are seeking opportunities to enter into this lucrative market. Operating a business in China through an online platform has been a business expansion strategy for many...
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Customs law trade industry logistics Kneppelhout lawyers law firm rotterdam
Customs formalities and measures play an important role in international trade and in business transformation. Harmonization of customs legislation within the EU is virtually complete, and various chapters of customs legislation, such as those pertaining to customs valuation and the origin of goods, have been standardized around the world. There are nevertheless fundamental differences in...
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