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Nica Voets

Nica Voets


Phone    +31 (0)10 400 5117

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Meet Nica

After finishing the bachelor Business Administration, Nica started the Bachelor of Law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Even though Nica found the bachelor Business Administration very interesting and informative, she learned that she was truly interested in the law. Particularly Corporate Law and litigation are what interest her most.

Nica and Kneppelhout

In September 2019, Nica started working at Kneppelhout . She started a student internship at the Corporate Law department, after which she remained working there as a legal associate. In particular the nice ambiance and kind people at Kneppelhout made her feel comfortable.

Nica personal

Nica likes to spend her spare time in the gym or with friends and family. Also, she loves to travel and tries to experience a lot of different aspects and cultures of the world.

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