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Rogier van Huussen

Rogier van Huussen


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Meet Rogier

Rogier earned his Master’s degree in Law from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in mid-2016. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Utrecht University. Rogier also studied in Beijing, China, for six months. During his student days, he gained various types of work experience, both within the business community and in the legal profession.

After graduating, he started working as a consultant at an international consulting firm, where he carried out projects at a number of the most prominent banks. This experience that he gained in business and law and his legal background enables him to approach (legal) problems effectively from the perspective of an organisation.

Rogier and Kneppelhout

Since January 2018, Rogier has been working at Kneppelhout in the employment law department. At the firm, he deals with all aspects of employment law, from dismissals to employee participation, from non-competition and non-solicitation clauses to advice on employment conditions. You can turn to him with all your questions relating to a situation in the workplace. The fact that labour law has a human, emotional side as well as a commercial one, makes this area of law like no other.

Rogier successfully completed the professional training course for lawyers from 2018 to 2021 and is currently following the post-academic specialisation course in employment law at Grotius Academy.

Additionally, Rogier is a member of the Association for Labour Law [Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht] and is registered in the register of legal entities of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA).

Rogier personal

Rogier likes to spend his free time with friends and family and exercising.

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