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Elise Oonincx-Vreeburg

Elise Oonincx

Board, Partner, Lawyer

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Meet Elise

Elise has been a partner and head of the Labour Law section since 1 July 2013. She began her career in the legal profession in 1999 in Arnhem. When she met the love of her life in Rotterdam in 2004, she set off in search of a legal firm that would fit her. When she came across Kneppelhout, she knew instantly. And from the first moment on, she felt at home and respected in the firm. Also, the firm’s motto ‘just do it’ fits her like a glove. Elise is an enthusiastic colleague with a strong sense of responsibility. For Elise, in each dossier hides a legal challenge, as well as a person for whom she wants to make a difference and can do so.

Elise and Kneppelhout

‘I consciously chose labour law as my specialism. After all, work, security, colleagues and employers are important factors in life. But this really becomes clear when a client has to to let go of their employees, either because of a workrelation gone bad, or due to economic circumstances. You start down a road together at the beginning with the best of intentions – and you want to end things in the same good manner.’

‘Working with my client to bring a case to a good conclusion – that’s where my job satisfaction comes from. If this means that I have to get to the bottom of the matter, it is an extra bonus. To take it to the limit and defend the interests of the client, that is what being a lawyer is all about.’

‘As a lawyer specialised in labour law, I focus on all forms of employment. I therefore offer a wide package of services, which enables me to excel in the field of labour law. I consciously choose to have a long-term relationship with my clients. I aim to work closely with and for my clients, and am interested in their business. My knowledge of their line of work as well as their day-to-day business, benefits my work which in the end helps my clients.

‘For employees I want to be a real support, not only in legal areas. I ensure them that their case is in good hands.’

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