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Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen

Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen


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Meet Boudewijn

From 2013, Boudewijn studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Private Law in 2018. During his study Boudewijn started working at Kneppelhout as a student-intern at the real estate and administrative law department. Since this internship of two months was a success, Boudewijn continued his adventure at Kneppelhout. Boudewijn mainly focusses on construction law, procurement law, tenancy law and real estate law in the broader sense.

Boudewijn and Kneppelhout

“During my time as a student-intern, I have got to know Kneppelhout as a firm at which people do their utmost to achieve the best result for our clients. The thing that especially attracted me as a student-intern, was the open corporate culture and the typical Rotterdam mentality. This, in combination with the exciting and challenging activities, made me immediately feel at ease. That’s why I didn’t doubt one second when I was asked to stay at Kneppelhout. The aforementioned circumstances created the ideal basis for me to serve our clients in the best way.”

Boudewijn personal

In his spare time, Boudewijn likes to hang out with family and friends. His biggest passion is football. From an early age, Boudewijn plays football at his local club, at which he is also youth coach and referee. Also, Boudewijn loves to hit the gym or watch a good movie or series.

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