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Marije Levering

Marije Levering

HR Advisor

Phone   +31 (0) 10 400 5116

Mobile  +31 (0) 6 824 410 09


Meet Marije

Marije started in 2020 at Kneppelhout as an HR manager. Earlier, she worked in the HR field at several companies, most of them with a technical focus. And yes, she worked with attorneys before. Now, working at Kneppelhout is the first step not only to work with attorneys, but also to be part of a law firm! It is however not the first time Marije entered ‘The Willemswerf’, she started her career at a company based in this iconic building in the heart of Rotterdam.

Marije and Kneppelhout

‘The right people at the right position’ is often said, not only by HR professionals. Still, it’s easier said than done. At Kneppelhout, with my HR background, I want to support every team member and enable them to do what they do best. And a good HR policy facilitates, in a way that teams can focus on their job, our customers and our collegues.

Marije personal

Sometimes HR work is indeed visible, but other times – although the output is there – the work is taking place ‘behind the scenes’. In my free time I like to sew. That is, when there is time left to do so, in my household with 3 sons! But when I do find the time: I love it because with sewing I work on and produce something I can see, touch and wear.