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Sino-European Investment Practices Seminar

Since last year, Sino-European cooperation has been fully restored, and the Europe-China relationship has shown a good momentum of rebound and warming. To further assist domestic Chinese enterprises investing in Europe, on the afternoon of January 18, 2024, Kneppelhout, together with Hui Ye Law Firm and Wolters Kluwer, jointly organized the “Sino-European Investment Practices Seminar”.

Nearly 50 enterprise representatives participated in this seminar physically. At the same time, the event was live-streamed online, attracting more than 1,500 viewers.

Mr. Xiao Ling (Attorney at Law at Hui Ye) first expressed the sincere welcome and greetings to the representatives of enterprises present and the attending guests online. He also mentioned that with the continuous advancement of China’s opening up, the outbound investment cooperation of Chinese enterprises, including investment in Europe, is also an important practice and devotion to the “One Belt, One Road” policy.

Job Bezemer (Partner at Kneppelhout) and Victor Zheng (Manager of China Desk at Kneppelhout), with their rich market experience, focused on the opportunities of Sino-Europe Investment, and shared their views on “Introduction to Legal Issues of Investing in the Netherlands”. The sharing mainly focused on the advantages of investing in the Netherlands, Dutch tax benefits, the structure of the Dutch company, and the Dutch employment law.

Afterward, Ms. Liu Liu (Partner of Hui Ye) shared her knowledge on ” The Practice of Chinese Outbound Investment Recordation“, which is the legal compliance perspective of Chinese enterprises’ outbound investment, including filing/recordation with relevant governmental authorities, foreign exchange management and other legal issues.

During the roundtable session, Job Bezemer, Zhenying Liu (Partner of Hui Ye), Cheng Chen, Liu Liu and Hongquan Dong(Hui Ye Chengdu) discussed and interacted with the guests on the topic of “Common Legal Issues in Cross-border Investment“. With this, the Sino-Europe Investment Practices Seminar came to a successful conclusion, with the participants unanimously expressing that they had gained a lot from the event.

This article is translated and adapted from an article by Hui Ye Law Firm, which can be found at

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