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A delegation from the National People’s Congress of China visiting Kneppelhout

On Tuesday, September 26, we were privileged to receive a delegation of Mr. Wang Ruihe, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China and the Deputy Director of the Subcommittee of Legal Affairs of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. Kneppelhout is very honored that this government delegation chose our office for the visit. Our China Practice hosted the day in cooperation with the Department of Trade, Industry & Logistics. In this blog, we will tell you more about how we experienced this day.

China is preparing a new legislation to improve the enforcement of judgments. The reason this government delegation traveled to the Netherlands, and specifically to our office, is because they would like to learn more about the Dutch legal system in this respect.

During the lunch, Marc Padberg (Attorney at Law at Kneppelhout) kicked off and provided a comprehensive introduction of our firm and the colleagues from the China Practice desk and the department of Trade, Industry & Logistics. Following this, Céline Goedhart (Attorney at Kneppelhout) in cooperation with Victor Zheng (Manager China Practice) gave a presentation in which various topics were discussed, including: civil enforcement procedure in the Netherlands, public auction, attachment on shares, third-party attachment, in case of several creditors and of course the recent developments of civil enforcement in the Netherlands and the European Union.

This presentation was followed by an introduction of the great achievements made in the construction of the rule of law in China since the reform and opening up, and an explanation of the current procedures in China in the area of enforcement of judgments provided by Mr. Wang Ruihe. As a result of this explanation, a useful discussion took place where questions were asked and knowledge was shared back and forth.

The afternoon ended with taking some pictures of the view of Rotterdam from our office and a plenary photograph with the delegation from the National People’s Congress of China and the colleagues of Kneppelhout who were involved. It was a valuable afternoon where we saw our cooperation and connection with China grow again.


A delegation from the National People's Congress of China visiting Kneppelhout

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