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Trade, transport and logistics

Trade, transport and logistics

The Netherlands is ‘the gateway to Europe’. The ports of Rotterdam and the two Maasvlaktes play an important role in this. Trade, transhipment, storage and transport are what the city is built on. One of our focal points, since we are a real Rotterdam law firm, is international trade and logistics.


We have insight into and actual understanding of all the commercial and legal aspects you will encounter in the performance of your work. That is essential to be able to be your sparring partner. After all, the complexity of legal issues has increased sharply in recent decades as a result of internationalisation and digitisation. We offer specialist knowledge in the field of logistics law in a unique multidisciplinary setting. You can contact us if you wish to merge, make an acquisition or reorganise, but if you are faced with a transport claim, for example, we will of course also assist you.


The Trade, transport and logistics sector team focuses on logistics service providers, trading houses, shippers, importers, exporters and insurers. Our specialists know what is involved in your world. We offer a full service, including an integrated customs practice.

Our expertise

  • Transport (road, sea, air, rail and combined transport)
  • Storage
  • (Customs) forwarding
  • Other logistics services
  • Insurance
  • Financing of goods flows
  • Customs, import and export formalities
  • Export control and sanction regulations
  • Horizontal collaboration in logistics
  • Personnel


If you work in the financial sector, you know better than anyone that legislation is becoming increasingly complex. You must abide by rules, rules that are regularly amended and leave you little leeway. In addition, the supervision of your activities is becoming increasingly strict. This means your activities must meet all legal requirements.


Our specialists have extensive legal and practical knowledge of various types of insurance, such as non-life and life insurance, business and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. Especially in the field of specialist insurance types such as credit, hull and construction, transport and customs insurance, we can honestly say we make a difference.


In the banking segment, we distinguish ourselves specifically with advice in the fields of trade commodity finance and ship finance. We do not only work high-end, but also pick up the pieces when needed. Unfortunately, this has often proved necessary during the economic recession. This is where our added value for the banking sector lies.


We also know what is customary in the international ports and trade. We often know the borrowers and trustees involved and estimate hands-on what is legally and practically feasible.


Our services consist of advising, litigating and drawing up contracts in the fields of:

  • Non-life and credit insurance
  • Transport and customs insurance
  • Trade commodity finance
  • Ship finance
  • Stock disputes
  • Retention of title
  • (Cross-border) right of retention
  • Personnel
  • Restructuring
  • Restarts
  • Hull and construction insurance
  • P&I insurance
  • Land material policies
  • D&O and business liability insurance
  • Income insurance
  • International insurance programmes


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