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Sümeyra Ütü

Sümeyra Ütü

Legal secretary

Phone.     +31 (0) 10 400 51 00

Mobile     +31 (0) 6 835 425 95


Meet Sümeyra

Sümeyra has years of experience as a legal secretary in the legal profession and in December 2021 she joined Kneppelhout’s secretariat. Among other things, she is responsible for monitoring deadlines, both for administrative law and civil roles. This gives lawyers the space to concentrate on the content of their work, because they can leave the monitoring of deadlines to Sümeyra with peace of mind. In addition, Sümeyra also takes on other tasks with which she can unburden the lawyers.

Sümeyra and Kneppelhout

“Organising and arranging is what I am good at. I like to dig in and only let go when it is finished. For me, personal contact and a good atmosphere are very important, and I find that at Kneppelhout.”

Sümeyra personal

“In my free time I like to spend time with my family and relatives. In addition, I like to travel and shop.”